Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Beach Ed #2 At westshore

 Beach Ed #2

This is me and my Friends playing seaweed at beach ed.
When we finished playing seaweed we had lunch. When everybody Finished eating lunch we changed into our togs 
and the lifeguard's put us into group's of five. 

This is an lifeguard. She is teaching us where the rip is and 
teaching us what parts of the rips are called.
She knew where the rips were because she went up the hill's.

This is a photo of a lifeguard teaching Ruby and Dusty how to 
use a Board rescue. When people is in a rip they use it rescue them and carry them back to the surface. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Beach Ed Rules

                                         Beach Ed Rules                              

                      If your at the beach there will be five rules.

1. Swim between the flag:
Swim between the flags because when you are out of the flags then you will be not safe
The flags are there because to keep you safe.
Here is an Image of how it would look like.

2. Have an adult watch over you:
When you are at the beach have an adult/lifeguard watch over you.
Because it will be not safe if an adult don't watch you.
Or a Lifeguard can watch you but the lifeguard might not see you because they might be watching between the flags instead of out of the flags.

3. Listen to the Advice from the surf lifeguards:
Like if the lifeguards says swim between the then do it. Because if you don't then something might happen.

4. Never swim or surf alone:
If you swim alone then you might get stuck in the water.
and when you surf alone then the waves maybe go over you.

5. If in doubt stay out:
If you see the ocean and you don't feel comfortable then you should go somewhere you
feel comfortable with.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PBL Insect moon moth

This is my Insect. my insect is an moon moth.

moon moth is minty green.
they have big wings and the antennae looks like ferns.
the color of the antennae is gold.

Here is an photo of my Insect.

How I made my Insect: I first used newspaper to make the body then I used tape to connect the head, thorax and the bottom all together. Secondly I made the minty color then painted it.After it dry I look at it and I still saw newspaper so I keep on painting until I couldn't see any newspaper. I left it over night to dry. when it was dried I made the wings. I made the wings with plastic paper and straws to make the wings. To make the wings I connect two straws together when I made four I used the hot glue gun and stick all four connected straws and stick all  it on the plastic paper when I done that I started to cut the plastic paper and when I finish started to paper mache the wings. I had to paper mache the top and bottom. When I left it was dry I started to paint the wings minty green like the body. It dry quicker because I left in outside. I sticked the wings on the body. It was only wet a little bit but it was OK.

And I also made a book.
This is how my book look like.

What I enjoyed the most is making the Model and the book cover. The Learning muscles that i used were the Preserving and noticing muscles. I used the perseverance muscle by keep on trying and trying How I used my noticing muscle was by notice

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Matariki is an new year for maori people.

An Matariki is an star that has 7 sisters When it is night the the 7 stars will come out it means the day will get longer when they appear at 5:am in the morning.    

The littlest matariki sister is Uru-a-rangi is the smallest.    

A Matariki is a cluster of 7 sisters or the 7 stars of Matariki when each star shines very bright it means we will have a lot of kai ( food ), salt water, clean water, trees planting and goals.     

Rangi has 3 names in Matariki Uru-a-rangi, Wai-panua-rangi and Tupa-a-rangi.

In Japan they only have 6 stars in Matariki but in New Zealand have 7 stars in Matariki

Kites for Matariki is very Creative and there is also a story about the 7 kites and when Matariki happens some people have hangi.    

It happens once a year in New Zealand.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Thank you letter ( from camp Kaitawa )

Room 67                   
Parkvale school
Howard street
Hastings 4122

Dear Nicki

Thanks for cooking our food and taking care of us. Also, thank you for giving up your time at camp kaitawa it was very fun with you and the parents.

My highlight was on Thursday night because the parents were trying to be Michael Noonan. My favorite dinner was the chicken dinner and the mash potato one. Also I liked the ice-cream dessert .

My second highlight was the amazing race it was very fun the most changing part was standing the cards up. My favourite  part of the amazing race was popping the balloon but I actually didn't know how to pop it. The Confidence course was very challenging but the most challenging part was walking in the dark

Fact about camp kaitawa:

In 1939 a school was opened in Piripaua for the hydropower scheme workers’ children, however once Piripaua Power Station was completed in 1944, the workers shifted to Kaitawa.  The school was closed down and the buildings were relocated to Kaitawa where the school remained active until 1957 when it was closed down.

Yours Sincerely



Thursday, March 16, 2017

My special place

My special place by Janice
  1. City
  2. Motel
  3. Sky line
  4. Spa
In the big city filled with beautiful shiny lights
that looked like stars shimmering through the car window. I saw shadows of the tall mountains and hill. At night we went to the motel.

Next morning we went to skyline my aunty was scared to go on it. I went with dad my sister named Hayley went with mum and my uncle went with his son. We went two times but then we stopped and asked if  my aunty would come with us then she came with us and played with us.

When we finished playing and relaxing we went to eat dinner. i only ate buns because it was very yum my Hayley fell asleep when i was eating dinner so mum said that she can eat it when she is awake. we had to go so dad woke up my Hayley and told her that we had to go. so Hayley, me, mum and dad went towards the car but it was very cold outside so we walked faster. when we went back home I felt dizzy because I was very sleepy so my mum told me and Hayley to go to sleep so me and Hayley brushed our teeth and went to sleep. 

By Janice