Thursday, June 29, 2017


Matariki is an new year for maori people.

An Matariki is an star that has 7 sisters When it is night the the 7 stars will come out it means the day will get longer when they appear at 5:am in the morning.    

The littlest matariki sister is Uru-a-rangi is the smallest.    

A Matariki is a cluster of 7 sisters or the 7 stars of Matariki when each star shines very bright it means we will have a lot of kai ( food ), salt water, clean water, trees planting and goals.     

Rangi has 3 names in Matariki Uru-a-rangi, Wai-panua-rangi and Tupa-a-rangi.

In Japan they only have 6 stars in Matariki but in New Zealand have 7 stars in Matariki

Kites for Matariki is very Creative and there is also a story about the 7 kites and when Matariki happens some people have hangi.    

It happens once a year in New Zealand.


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